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URGENT: The Deadline to File Motion to Withdraw the Reference to Judge Rakoff in Madoff Clawback Adversary Proceedings Is April 2, 2012

The deadline to file a motion to withdraw the reference of an adversary proceedings filed in the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, Inc. (“BLMIS”) bankruptcy matter is quickly approaching on April 2, 2012. Judge Jed. S. Rakoff, District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, ordered that no motions to withdraw the reference will be considered if the motions are not filed on or before April 2, 2012. Lax & Neville, LLP has filed motions to withdraw the reference in approximately 50 adversary proceedings on behalf of hundreds of BLMIS customers. If you would like to have your case removed to federal district court by filing a motion to withdraw the reference, please contact our office immediately.

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