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Lax & Neville LLP Investigating Claims Against UBS For Losses In The UBS Willow Fund LLC

Lax & Neville LLP is investigating claims on behalf of investors regarding possible misconduct in connection with UBS Financial Services, Inc.’s (“UBS”) sale and marketing of the UBS Willow Fund LLC (“UBS Willow Fund”). UBS recommended the Willow Fund to its investors as a distressed debt fund. In actuality, contrary to the representations made by UBS, the Willow Fund deviated from that investment strategy, and instead invested in speculative sovereign debt credit default swaps (“CDS”). The Willow Fund’s investment in sovereign debt CDS was much riskier and speculative than the investment strategy that UBS disclosed to its customers. Therefore, UBS customers were never informed of the true nature of the Willow Fund’s investment strategy. Due to this undisclosed strategy, the Willow Fund’s value and worth drastically declined, causing investors to suffer significant losses, which could be as high as 70%.

If you have lost money investing in the Willow Fund, please call Lax & Neville LLP, (212) 696-1999. Lax & Neville LLP has victoriously prosecuted numerous arbitrations against UBS, including, but not limited to UBS’s sale and marketing of principal protected notes issued by Lehman Brother’s Holdings. Lax & Neville LLP effectively assists investors, on both a regional and national level, that may have suffered losses as a result of their broker and broker dealer’s sales practice abuses, including fraud.

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