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Important Notice to Investment Advisory Clients of James Tagliaferri and TAG Virgin Islands

We are currently representing investment advisory clients of James Tagliaferri and TAG Virgin Islands (“TAG”), who sued Tagliagerri, TAG, and other Defendants, in New York Supreme Court to recover their substantial investment losses incurred as a result of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and other causes of action. The Complaint alleges that TAG and Tagliaferri concocted a scheme to defraud our clients by transferring their funds to various TAG affiliated companies under the pretense of convertible note instruments, which for all intents and purposes were worthless. Our clients never received the return of the principal or interest payments from these notes when held to maturity. Moreover, TAG and Tagliaferri converted many of these notes into common stock in certain TAG affiliated companies that are also essentially worthless. Furthermore, TAG and Tagliaferri never disclosed to our clients the additional commissions they earned on these transactions. Upon information and belief, the TAG affiliated companies which TAG transferred our clients’ money to included, but not necessarily limited to, the following entities: IEAH Corporation, IEAH Stables, Inc., IEAH, Crossing at Fleming, Fleming, JTS Corporation, 1920 Bel Air, LLC, Conversion Services International, Inc., Equities Media Acquisition Corp., Inc., Gerova Financial Group Ltd., National Digital Medical Archive, Inc., Rineon Group, Inc., and Stanwich Absolute Return Ltd.

If you or anyone you know is an investment advisory client of Tagliaferri and TAG, and suffered investment losses as a result, please contact our firm at (212) 696-1999 in order to preserve your legal rights.

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