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Brokerchalk Podcast – Shocking Revelations Around Merrill’s CTP Program


Major bracket Wall Street banks have only recently institutionalized substantial retirement packages for senior advisors to sunset out with very few restrictions. Inheriting advisors who care to take over these books of businesses face an enormous opportunity to convert these books, yield a solid short-term return, and a terrific long-term opportunity to own and grow these books.

However, for these inheriting advisors, the rules associated with the restrictive covenants, the non-solicitation clauses, and the timeframe to yield any return differ substantially at Merrill’s CTP program from those at Morgan Stanley’s FAP program, Wells Fargo Summit Program, and UBS’s Alpha Program.

In an interview with leading securities law expert and well-known transition recruiter, Brian Neville and Roger Gershman tackle issues associated with Merrill Lynch’s CTP program. Some shocking revelations and instant food for thought.

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